High-performance teams – be a convincing employer


The change from an employer´s to an employee´s market poses new challanges for companies. The new generation of skilled workers can no longer be so easily impressed. More than ever before, applicants are paying attention to employer qualities that can no longer be measured only by a rigorous career plan or salary level. Flexible working time models, a good working atmosphere, exciting tasks and a good work-life balance are at the top of the list of requirements today.

Applicants want to be able to identify with the employer, and authenticity and truthfulness play a major role in this. The company´s goal must therefore be to stand out from the crowd and to convince future employees of the employer´s qualities as early as during the job search.

Consequently, the approach to applicants must be based on the expectations of the applicants and the requirements of the employers.

We have understood these challanges and have geared our recruiting process accordingly.

We use the direct approach to identify and attract the right candidates for our cliens.

Our focus is on the personnel recruiting of middle and senior managers in the start-up and medium-sized segment.

We seek out and recruit the right people – we create successful teams


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